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You can start your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign with any platforms from understanding your goal and audience. You can also follow these steps to kick off.

Google Ads

To receive targeted audiences to your website, Google Ads is the popular, in fact, the best solution for the brand or new product. You can achieve a highest return of investment by optimizing your google ads once. That may be not possible on other platforms.

Facebook & Twitter Ads

To promote your brand content to the targeted audience, social media platforms work like magicians. Facebook and twitter are the most popular social media ad platforms to give you measurable insights like impressions, clicks, conversions, and lower CPA for your campaign. It also easy to manage.

Retargeting and Other Ad platforms

Do you want the highest conversion rate? You should try retargeting ads. Retargeted visitors are 70% more like to convert on a website. To start retargeting ads, you can try Facebook retargeting or Google remarketing at first. Don’t forget to spend a little budget on Microsoft Ads, Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest ads. They also help you to reach new customers.


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Mahim Chakma

Owner of Superior Cleaner

I'm impressed with the work Xehad has recently completed for my website. It was delivered on time and exceeded my expectations. He's definitely the person to go to for SEO and digital marketing. I'd come back to him for my future work.

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